Bracket Bucks

How to Play:

  • C-CASH is only rewarded at REGULARLY SCHEDULED appointments. (Walk-in or emergency visits
    do not apply).
  • Once you SPEND your C-CASH on a prize, they are spent. You must EARN more C-CASH to
    purchase more prizes.
  • Orders for prizes are placed on approximately the 1st and 15th of each month.


Earn 1 BRACKET BUCK When You Do Any 0f These:

  • Keep your regularly scheduled appointment – that is, you didn’t miss your previous appointment.
  • Arrive on time for your appointment…better yet, get there early!
  • Practice good oral hygiene; your teeth should be clean when you are seated.
  • Have nothing loose or broken. This means brackets, bands, removable appliances, etc.
  • Wear your Tulsa Braces shirt to your appointment.
  • Checking in on Facebook when you arrive to your appointment.

Earn 5 BRACKET BUCKS When You Do Any of These:

  • Do community service or charity work… anything to better the community around you. Write down
    what you did and bring it to your next appointment.
  • If Dr. C, or any of our staff sees you outside the office with your Tulsa Braces shirt on… like the
    mall, movies, baseball game, etc.
  • Get good grades – all A’s and B’s. Bring us your report card. One report card per semester.
  • Raise your grades 1 full letter grade; if any grades go down, you will not receive C-CASH for “improved grades.” (Does not apply if you already have an all A&B report card).

Earn 10 BRACKET BUCKS When You Do Any of These:

  • Tag us & your dentist on social media when you visit your general or pediatric dentist for your
    regular check-up and cleaning. **DOUBLE POINTS if you wear your Tulsa Braces shirt in your selfie!
    WE love healthy smiles!
  • Refer your friends to our office and be sure they tell us you referred them. Your C-CASH will be
    rewarded after their new patient exam.

Don’t forget to tell a team member when you’ve earned bracket bucks on the day of your appointment to get the
points added to your account

Every 50 points earned gets you a $5.00 gift card from one of the following: Target, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, QT, or Sonic